We have a new online, research database resource for student use.  It is through TexQuest.  The usernames and passwords are below and are district wide.  There are three databases students will have access to:

  • Adam Matthew Digital Login Information and Links (access to manuscripts, primary/secondary resources, artwork, newspapers, maps, rare books, and photographs):

Access American West: www.americanwest.amdigital.co.uk

Access American Indian Histories and Cultures: www.aihc.amdigital.co.uk

Username: j057828
Password: learn

  • Gale Login Information and Links (access to author biographies, virtual reference library, physical sciences, technology, medicine, social sciences, theology, literature, the arts, other subjects, news/periodical articles on a variety of topics, contextual info on hot social issues, newspapers, and more):


Password: learn

Educators can learn more about Adam Matthew Digital at http://texquest.net/amdigital

Educators can learn more about Gale at http://texquest.net/gale.