Introduction to English III


Welcome to Mr. Bandy’s English III —

For the 2017-2018 school year, you will be learning about all American literature, from the early Native-American period into the modern day. Classics such as The Crucible, Twelfth Night, and The Great Gatsby will be read and discussed for their reflection of the American Era.

We will introduce American traditions both old and new, discuss the documents which founded the United States, and the issues which have made us relatively unique in history. Within this site there are separate sets of lessons for English III and AP English III. Resources such as online texts, novels, and assignments will be available as the year progresses.

This year, you will have a Junior Research Report, to be completed in the Spring, and various projects throughout the school year.

This page will be home for content related to your daily coursework. Vocabulary lists, discussion questions, audio-visual tools, and more will be available as needed. This will be your go-to location for missed work.

This year will be only as successful as your participation allows. Get involved in what we discuss, keep up with the daily and project assignments, and this should be a productive and enjoyable trip through American literature.